What Will You Learn

It is possible to create these workshops. We offer learning to create workshops where you can practice what you like, enjoy, and do what you want to do. Turn all the time, money and energy you spend into value.

Whom Is This Workshop For

It is aimed at users who want to design workshops with beautiful and efficient stories, services and ideas, and who want to benefit business, learning and society.


Business expansion

Online workshop development


Learn online

Improve your skills


Useful for society

Providing experience


Learning flow

1. Organize the skills, experiences, knowledge and ideas you want to provide

1.1 Analyze the market position, price, needs and environment of similar services

1.2 Create a solid foundation for a sustainable branding plan that leverages your qualities

Content creation

2. Create a basic foundation workshop based on your branding plan

2.1 Think of target-focused variations such as purpose

2.2 Change the priority of the story according to the season and the current

Learn from practice

3. Review of the workshop, analysis of participants' impressions

3.1 Understand issues and improvements, and upgrade

3.2 Change the PR method according to the number of participants and set goals


Workshop Planner is an experienced web editor with skills in online business, online learning and online skill education. I love helping and supporting the creation of workshops that share the experiences, knowledge and skills that the person enjoys.

  • Over 100 participants "Kodomokobo"
  • Over 140 Online Workshop "GomiZero.ART"
  • Over 200 times, over 300 hours Participate in online workshop
Let's shape your "I want to do"!

Practical learning points

We pursue the satisfaction of both workshop providers and participants. As we learn and practice, we use our qualities to create and improve sustainable workshops and build our brand.

Defining Goals Practicing what you like, having fun, and shaping.

Seeing the big picture and understanding that a global project is more successful

online business brand Make great use of it as a step towards growing your

Individual skills that will help you in other areas of your work life like projects

Experience and ideas are your property. Useful for creative processes

Learn basic web skills. Basic operation method and Zoom, social media, etc.



This workshop is open to 2525 members of iine! Creators Colony at a Coworking At Home. We will help you master the process of creating a workshop, shape your experience, knowledge and ideas, provide them to society, and create attractive workshops that you can give back.


Social Contributions

Kodomo-kobo is a project to provide our workshop for free.Japanese “Kodomo shokudo” is a social activity to provide free or cheap nutritional meals and warm gatherings to children, their parents, and local people. Great activity. We also wanted to do it, but We thought it was our duty to provide “opportunity for art”, not meals. When Chiyoko was a kid, she was very shy and didn’t study well. So she was bullied. Her parents were usually not at home because they were working so busy. So her only pleasure was to draw alone. We know drawing is a peace of mind, so we think the drawing workshop for children is also necessary.


Happy Users


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Case Studies

Many people want to act. I learned a lot while practicing since 2004. Chiyoko can do that too. You can do more!

Let's shape your "I want to do"!

It was encouraging to hear the story and think together. I'm getting motivated.

Ms.M - Engineers


She came up with a new idea plan from an existing business model. in preparation. I'm looking forward to it!

Ms.I - Artist


This is an online study session. We hope that a lot of qualification experience and knowledge will be useful.

Mr.K - Public notary

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